I have one general rule when it comes to my nutrition: The fresher the better.
I eat a very "clean" diet and haven't consumed red meat in decades.  I love fresh fruits and vegi's as well as homemade breads.  I know my body works its best when I stay away from foods that are over-processed and laden with hormones or pesticides.  This doesn't mean I'm perfect but my efforts are genuine.  Here are some valuable tools:

  • One of my absolute favorite tools is the MyPlate nutrition tracker on Livestrong.comYou can customize this guy to your specifications and goals and then keep track of your intake and output.  I used this a bunch when I was pregnant with the twins because I was so eager to get my 100g of protein a day for their health.  Now I like to use it as a reminder to pay attention to what I stuff in my face!  Check it out. 

  • Best foods for runner's (according to runner's world(source))
    • Almonds
    • Eggs
    • Sweet potatoes
    • Salmon
    • Black beans
    • Whole grains bread
    • Mixed salad greens
    • Frozen stir-fry vegis
    • Oranges
  • My Pinterest Board on Nutrition for Recipes like green smoothies, slow cooker chicken & bean burritos, protein balls, chia seed flat bread

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