Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summertime Bargains and a Winner!

I just had to share with you all that my favorite little clothing shop Tea Collection is having an awesome summer sale.  How about 40% sale items!  It's the perfect time to stock up on some super cute pieces. The sale starts today, June 30th and goes through Sunday, July 7th. Tea Collection is offering this additional 40% off  with promo code SAVE40.  Happy Shopping! 

Also, The Frog Fuel protein shots giveaway is over and our winner was; Jill Allison Henriquez Barnes.  Congrats, and thanks to everyone who entered.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Favorites: Garmin Forerunner 10

I finally broke down last week and ordered my first Garmin.  It's the entry level model so it's light on bells and whistles but it does just what I wanted.  I have been running with an FitMio digital watch for several years because my husband gave it to me as a gift.  The watch never actually did what it was supposed to and was really only good at keeping time and to use as a stop watch.  I decided that I really wanted a watch that could help me with my pace and give me some new trail ideas with the GPS feature.  I wanted a watch that could keep me moving forward and give me the information that I really needed to up my game a little bit.  Plus, this watch comes in some pretty cool colors.  I ordered mine in green (because I seem to be one of the only women in the world who doesn't feel like pink has to rule my wardrobe!).  I also really like the purple, but since I plan on wearing this watch daily I figured I should shoot for something a little more subdued.
As far as the watch is concerned, I haven't had too much time to use it and give my in depth opinion of it but after opening the package last night I can tell you that I'm definitely excited.  I can't wait to give this baby a try this weekend on some long runs.  Hopefully I can get myself pace-d up a little bit for a fun and fast 5k on the 4th.
That reminds me, what are your plans for our nation's birthday this year?

I received no compensation for this post and all opinions and thoughts are of my own, I just like sharing them with those who care to listen!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Frog Fuel Review and **GIVEAWAY**

I don't know about you, but finding the right fuel for a workout is really daunting and not always successful.  With gels and gummies galore it's really hard to know what is the right choice for your body, workout and pocketbook.  I have tried several brands and honesty have to admit that I just don't like gels in general.  I've found that chews or gummies are a better fit for me because I can take a smaller amount over steady intervals versus the one shot hit from a pouch of gel.  Plus gels, are just less palatable for me. But that doesn't mean that I think gummies are ideal either.  They get sticky and I feel like I need a dentist after eating them.
So when Frog Fuel contacted me about trying their protein shots I was skeptical but excited. This gel was created by Navy Seals and is comprised of easy to digest proteins, amino acids, and caffeine.  It's got some good stuff in it and some legit science behind it.
A picture of the Frog Fuel I tried
I gave my first shot of Frog Fuel this week during a grueling workout session that included 3 miles of hot, sweaty outdoor running and 60 minutes of a choreographed kick-boxing/MMA class.  I needed something that I could suck down quickly and discretely that would carry me through the 90 minutes of high intensity.  I took the shot just after my run, when I was partly and dehydrated and a handful of minutes later I felt the effects.  I felt a jolt of enthusiasm that was welcome but I also felt a little fogginess as my head started to swim a bit.  The taste of the gel was better than others, not as sticky sweet and runnier; more palatable.  But the quick shot still made my stomach flip-flop a bit. I sailed through the rest of the workout and felt pretty good all through the end.
I would use this gel again for my 90 minutes high intensity workouts.  The convenience of it, the taste and the overall concoction make the shot valuable.  But more likely than not, on my long runs I'll still use gummies.  The regular interval of fuel that I can pop with a small chew/gummy suits my endurance work better.

Now for the fun part!  The generous people at Frog Fuel are offering one reader their own chance to try some Frog Fuel for themselves.  To enter the giveaway check out the Rafflecopter below. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer Reading Lists

Summer doesn't make a big difference around our house since our girls are not school aged yet, but the change in the weather is still glaringly apparent.  Since it's so darn hot we spend more time indoors and that means finding more activities to keep the bugaboo's entertained.  Reading gets an extra large spotlight this time of year.  Since our local libraries are all doing summer reading programs and since we own a small children's bookstore at our house (or at least it looks that way) it just makes sense to read, read, read.  The bugaboo's aren't the only ones reading either.  Thanks to audio-books (mostly the freebies from the library but also from  I've read over 35 books this past year.    I've tried really hard to listen to books while I run,  but I find that I need the beat of music to keep my feet moving forward not the glossy story lines of a romance story!  I also like to flip through the pages of a good ol' traditional book and slip into a story for a few minutes before nodding off to sleep at night....makes for nice dreams.
On our last visit to the library the girls picked up some favorites; Fancy Nancy, Ladybug Girl, Olivia and a few random others.  We just finished listening to all of the Pearcy Jackson and Lost Hero's of Olympus series by Rick Riordan as books on CD in the car. It's not easy to find audio books that both the girls and I can listen to but we try hard.  I feel like we spend so much time in the car we should get something good out of it other than ruts in our mind from the radio.
I personally just finished the 3rd book in the Sylvia Day Crossfire series; Entwined with You and would totally recommend it (it's of the 50 Shades of Grey genre).  I've also read my way through the 13 Sookie Stackhouse novels recently (and have sense gotten hooked on True Blood).
So that brings me to the book list.  I've just spent way too much time on and my local libraries websites trying to find a good book or new series to start and I'm overwhelmed.

What books do you recommend?

Monday, June 17, 2013

Yoga Monday : Compass Pose

This pose is great.  Not only do you feel like a million dollars getting all those joints moving and loosening up, it also looks really cool.  This pose is not for the faint of heart and you want to be limbered up before you give it a try.  For more details and a step by step how to visit
compass yoga pose

Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Favorites : Acopoco

I have just run across this great website called Acopoco that carries all kinds of things for your household at great prices.  They are cheaper than and the shipping is free.  Also, if you sign up now, you can get $5 free.
It's like free money.  You should at least visit the site and order up a bar of $3 soap or something just to give the website a try, plus it would be free!  Awesome.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Humidity training

The weather today is just like almost every summer day here in Central Texas.  Low 74, Hi 92 with loads of sweaty humidity.  When we first moved here and I saw numbers like this I thought it was no big deal.  I had dealt with plenty of 90+ degree days growing up in Northern Colorado but what I didn't  know was that the heat of the day arrives about mid morning and does not let off until after midnight.  Since is so darn hot for such a long period of time there are only a couple hours of realistic time to get any sort of a run outdoors right now, between midnight and 11am.  This morning I made my attempt at about 9:30, after I dropped the girls off at school.  The run started well and I was ready for the humidity with my fancy new hydration belt from RunOnFaithAndFashion.  By 20 mins in I slick with sweat from head to toe but hanging in there.  At 30 mins I gave it up!  I knew this wouldn't be the day for a long run, but I was hoping to get more than 3.5 miles on my legs, but that's ok!  I made a realization today.  I need to train for humidity just as I train for distance or speed.  My body needs to learn how to adapt to the extreme weather and its going to take a little time.  I will do my best to pound the hot pavement and push through the doldrums of the treadmill during these hot months and count down the days to a cooler September and some new strength.   Taking it 1 mile at a time.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Marathon bound

No, I'm not heading to the city of Marathon in Greece in search of my hero Pheidippides, rather I'm committing to run my first marathon.  I've run 5k's, 10k's, 10 miler's, half marathons, and even a 30k but the full marathon race is still on my list to conquer.
Since I started seriously running several years ago I have been intrigued by this small local marathon and this year I'm going to give it a shot. The timing is right with my family affairs and my training and I figure why not?
I know the course well since I run on it weekly if not more.  It's close to home and low key....all necessities for my first marathon.  Even though I am familiar with the course I know it's not going to be easy.  There are several hills on the course and in fact the elevation chart looks pretty scary.  But I have 5 months to train and feel pretty good about it at this time (easy to say now right?)

So does anyone have any marathon training tips they can share with me?

Monday, June 10, 2013

Yoga Monday: Shoulder Stand

Shoulder Stand

This pose is pretty great for loosening up your neck and shoulders which for me is great because I carry my stress in this area.
source :

Thursday, June 6, 2013

RUNonFAITHandFASHION : Hydration Belt Review & PROMO

I have had the luxury of using RUNonFAITHandFASHION's hydration belt for about a month now.  This snazzy little number is really cool.   Let me first introduce you to RUNonFAITHandFASHION.  This great shop is owned by one rockin' lady and mother of 4!  Like me, she loves to be creative and to use her hands to design and create beautiful/functional pieces.  I am naturally attracted to her hydration belts for running but she also makes and an adorable line house shoes (in fact I'm thinking about picking up a pair for my mom since her birthday is next month).

More about the hydration belt:
fitness/running water bottle belt
Faith sent me this bold and colorful belt that I just love.  The belt is made of 3" wide black elastic that is comfortable and adjustable.  There is a perfect pouch to fit a Nathan handheld hydration bottle and a nice sized pocket. The pocket is big enough to hold a car key, a couple hair bands and a gel pack(everything you need on a long run) and it doesn't add too much bulk.  I love that everything on the belt is Velcro so it's easy to use when your trotting along (there are some button embellishments that are just for looking pretty.)
fitness/running water bottle belt

The fabric is sturdy and reinforced really well so I know this belt will last.  I have put about 30 miles on the belt already and suspect it will last the long haul.
Like all hydration belts, it rides up!  It didn't take long before the belt was climbing up my middle, but I think this has to do with my female form and not the belt.  It's easy enough to scooch the belt back down or do as I do and just let it ride high.
The only thing I would change about my particular belt would be the addition of an extra water bottle pouch.  In these hot, humid months extra water is a necessity. A double bottle holder is an option in the shop, by the way.

So here is the best news!  Head on over to the RUNonFAITHandFASHION shop and use the code RUN4FUN at checkout to get an extra 10% off your order! You have no excuse now but to go get yourself a really cute, and totally functional hydration belt.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June 5 - National Running Day

Today is national running day.  What are your running plans for the day?
I am very lame and won't actually be running today.  My hubby is out of town and I am coaching a gymnastics class this afternoon which means I have no free childcare available to me today to "run away."  I am taking the girls to play soccer this morning so at least they will get some running in!
I guess I'll just have to support my own running day another time.  But I hope you all get out and pound some pavement today and maybe even encourage some "non-runners" to lace up for a few minutes.

Have a great day!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Yoga Monday : Side Plank

When I started Yoga Monday it was because I was taking a 60 min yoga class 1-2x a week.  I have to admit now, that I haven't done so much as a single yoga flow in about a month!  The girls' school schedule changed making it impossible for me to go to the yoga classes that I used to go to and I guess I just gave up!  It's a shame really.  I know that I fell 100% better when yoga is a part of my life so why have I let it slip away?  I really don't know.  I have several yoga DVD's that I can do at home, granted they are very well used and I think I'm tired of them, but they are nonetheless effective.
So with hubby out of town this week, I am resolving to doing at least 3 30 min yoga workouts this week (either super early or late night when the girls are snoozing.)

Today's pose is a very effective one for whittling your waist and looking great in a summer bikini.

photo from
Side Plank: Add a dip to this and heat up your core and strengthen the muscles.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday slump.....

This has been a dull day.  A little yard work, some grocery shopping and ALOT of swimming time at the pool. I guess it makes for a pretty perfect Sunday when I put it down like that, but honestly I was no fun today. The Hubs has been working crazy hours lately so we've hardly seen him the past few weeks and today all I wanted to do was be alone as he watched the girls!  I intended to run this morning but a crazy thunderstorm kept me in bed.  Maybe it was the fact that I only logged 4 miles and 3 cardio workouts this week, or maybe it's the hot, humid weather, or maybe it's just being burnt out of moomyhood 24/7 but I have no motivation.  With that, I apologize for the whining and the quiet week here on the blog but I am committing to some more involvement next week.
I have a review on a really great hydration belt from RUNonFAITHandFASHION that I can't wait to share.  So stay tuned!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Golfing with Nonna

This is too darn cute....

My oldest daughter made a book at school of her favorite memories for this school year.  I love the book because it lists some of the funniest things that she remembers about the year and her current favorites (like her newest best friend Ronan who is nice to her!)  But the best thing in this book is this darling picture she drew of herself golfing.  She wrote that being a golfer is what she wants to be when she grow up because "I play golf with Nonna and Grandpa and it's fun!"  It's so darn sweet, since we only get to see my parents a handful of times a year, that she such fun memories and thoughts of her grandparents.  Sigh.  I sure wish we lived closer together.