Sunday, August 11, 2013

GI distress

We're all friends here right?  If we weren't before, then we are now because I'm about to get a little too personal.

If you are a runner I'm fairly confident you've experienced your share of tummy troubles.  Since there are volumes of articles and books dedicated to the runner's gastrointestinal workings(here's one article from Runner's World) and the extensive amount of porta-potties you'll find at any race
I think it's safe to assume that a high percentage of has experience with this topic.  I am no exception.  Recently I've been fairly fortunate and haven't dealt too much with the tummy twisting but today breaks my, ahem, streak!
Generally I know that any run longer than 10 miles has the propensity to send me trotting off to the bathroom. But my GI response to these longer runs is so unpredictable it's not something I plan on.  Like I said, recently I've been very fortunate and I assumed that my body had gotten used to the general brutality of running and that I had found a good diet/fueling combination.  So this leaves me wondering what happened today. I have my suspicions about potential culprits but since my GI doesn't actually speak to me to confirm my predictions I'm just  going to have to hope for the best next time.
For any of you who are wondering what might be causing my distress (and perhaps some of your own) here is what I think went wrong today.
1. Irregularity: I have been traveling and have not been as "regular" as normal which is odd for me and I think it explains the frequency and, ahem, volume of today's episodes.
2. Hydration/Fuel during the run:  Due to the high temps and humidity I went through roughly 24ozs of NUUN and water during today's 2 hour expedition.  I also fueled with a combination of Honey Bee Stinger chews and dried apricots.  It's the dried apricots that I think are the culprit here.  I have been experimenting with them successfully lately but dried fruit is certainly known to have some laxative properties about them.
3. Post run fuel: I drank 20ozs of Click Mocha Espresso protein shake within 30 mins of finishing the run.  This shouldn't be a problem since it's designed as exercise supplement, but this is the 3rd time I've tried it and it has given me some mild cramps on my previous attempts. (REVIEW &  GIVEAWAY COMING SOON FOR THIS PRODUCT)

So what's a runner to do?  My advice; hydrate well before, during and after you runs. Stay away from fatty foods as wells as foods that you know cause you bloating or gaseous-ness.  I certainly don't have the answer and I honestly believe each day and each body is different.  But I suppose being a little more vigilant about what goes in will help what comes out!

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