Friday, September 6, 2013

Suburban Homesteading : Canning Ideas & Pretty Labels

A while back I started telling you about my DIY addiction.  At that time I shared with you my recipe for sandwhich bread.  Today I'm going to continue with a few thoughts on canning/preserving foods and some great recipes.

Woman sterilizing jarsLast summer I had a glut of tomatoes from my garden and an over abundance of strawberries that we picked from a local farm so I began canning.  I fell in love with homemade jams and jellies and found that simple water baths worked really well for fruit based jams/jellies.  I struggled with a salsa recipe worth preserving but I did learn that drying tomatoes in the oven (one recipe here) and then freezing them for later use in salads and pasta dishes was really wonderful. This summer I've had loads of tomatoes again and cucumbers galore so we've been making pickles like mad.
Here is a list of some of my all time favorites:

Slow Cooker Blueberry Butter from Food In Jars
Quick Strawberry Jam from Martha Stewart
Cranberry Ketchup from Ball
Pickles from NY Times
Canned Tomatoes from Better Homes and Gardens

So now that you've made some yummy treats it's time to label them.  You can of course use a piece of masking tape and skratch the contents and dates on it or you could go for a much prettier option.  I choose the later and use Mabel's Label's Wash Away collection.  These little labels are so darn cute. Wash Away Labels are dissolvable and perfect for canning, potlucks, frozen foods even leftovers.  When your done with the jar  simply pop in the dishwasher or under running water to rinse off.  Be sure to check out Mabel's Labels today. Happy Canning!

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