Friday, November 16, 2012

Potty training!

Ok, so here's the "Bugaboo" part of this blog.  Some ramblings and antics about my children and parenthood.

I have three sweet daughters and 2 of which have whizzed right through the babyhood and are now 22 months old.  An age, I believe, to begin potty training. My eldest was this age when I trained her, and I fully intend to have her younger sisters trained and out of diapers before their 2nd birthdays as well.

Let me just say, I thought potty training was the hardest parent challenge I had ever endured when I trained Adelyn, but now that I'm training twins I'm recanting.  Potty training twins is the hardest challenge I've had as a parent! Not only am I scrambling to get one to the toilet in time, but then I'm trying to find a spot for the second one to go as well.  Not to mention the accidents, yes twice the fun!  I believe that this endeavor is actually helping with my speed work on the race course since I'm scrambling, running and darting all over the house in an effort to avoid one more pair of wet pants!

Even with the challenges I firmly believe my efforts will be worth it.  I HATE diapers, they are messy, expensive, dirty and well gross.  So the quicker we are out of them the better.  Beyond that I think the successes in the bathroom give my girls some confidence and some independence, something that girls need at any age. So with our handmade cloth training pants a timer and a hearty supply of cleaning solvents we trudge forward.  Everyday we get closer, I just know it.

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