Friday, November 16, 2012

Training Week 3 (4 weeks to go)!

It's been 3 weeks since I made the heavy commitment to a December 8th half marathon.  So far so good.  Today I buttoned up this week with a great 5 mile run through the cool fall morning on a nice trail along with 30 minutes of crazy core work (to quote the instructor "6 tracks to a 6 pack!"....we'll see).
This week has been pretty mundane.  Thankfully.  Last week was tough.  I felt fatigued and my body felt like it was made out of un-moveable steel.  My tibias ached and my toe nails started to give way, and I was sluggish.  This week has been much more fun!  I've logged my anticipated miles and completed several varied cardio workouts.  I even feel like I can see a few slight improvements in my figure from my hard work. Bonus!

As I look at my training plan I see that the next 2 weeks will be long!  I will be spending a good deal of time away from my family with my laces tied and my feet pounding the pavement.  Am I being selfish with this training?  Yes, I suppose but not intentionally.  My  husband is fairly supportive of my efforts, although he really sees no point, and my girls love to go to the races and cheer me on.  Nonetheless, I spend 10-15 hours a week training, time I could be playing with the kids or cleaning the house.  The honest reality of it though is that I don't really believe I'd be any more productive as a house wife if I weren't running and I'm sure I'd be less effective as a mother and a wife without it.  Running and pushing my body thrills me, it motivates me, it energizes me.  What could be more beneficial for children than a happy mommy?  Nothing, I hope.  As long as my hard working husband continues to allow me a couple hours of solace when he's home to go run out my mommy stress, and the local gym continues to provide me with free child care then I fully intend to keep moving and run right through the guilt!

Week 3 Results:
Sat: 5 miles with hills
Sun: 6 miles 
Mon:60 mins Yoga, 4 miles stationary bike, 1 mile 6.45 pace
Tues: 60 mins Core/Pilates & 2 miles sprint interval
Weds: REST
Thurs: 5 mile bike ride with twins in chariot
Fri: 5 miles negative split & 30 mins CX works plyo/core

Week 4 Schedule:
Sat: 6 miles with hills
Sun: 9-10 miles 
Mon: 60 mins Yoga & 3 miles sprint interval
Tues: 60 mins Core/Pilates & 5 miles stationary bike
Weds: REST
Thurs: 3 mile bike ride with twins in chariot
Fri: 5-6 miles negative split & 35 mins CX works plyo/core

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