Friday, November 2, 2012

Week 1 Training Review (6 weeks to go):

I have just completed my last training session for this week of this fast paced program that I've decided to undertake.  In just 6 more weeks I plan on racing in a half marathon (13.1 miles).  This week has been exhilarating and energizing.  I've added several new blisters to my toes and some dull aching in my tibia's but I'm generally feeling good.  I feel fairly confident that at this rate I'll be ready to tackle the challenge.  That being said, I must admit that my times on this morning 4 mile run were abysmal.  I intended for the run to be a negative half split ( 2nd half was run faster than the first) and was successful by definition but it's not saying much with mile 2 was a turtle-y 9 minute mile! I think I've got to get myself a decent watch/pedometer so I can keep better track of my pace.  Beyond that, the 35 minute plyo/core workout  added a little hair to my chest (kidding really) and a bucket-full of sweat beads to the gym floor.
For anyone who is interested here is what this week's training looked like and a peek at what next week has in store.

Week 1 Results:
Sat: 5 miles with hills
Sun: 6 miles 
Mon:60 mins Yoga & 3 miles interval
Tues: 60 mins Core/Pilates & 2 miles sprint interval
Weds: REST
Thurs: 2 miles hills with twins in double stroller
Fri: 4 miles negative split & 35 mins CX works plyo/core

Week 2 Schedule:

Sat: 6 miles with hills
Sun: 7miles 
Mon: 60 mins Yoga & 3 miles sprint interval
Tues: 60 mins Core/Pilates & 5 miles stationary bike
Weds: REST
Thurs: 3 mile bike ride with twins in chariot
Fri: 4 miles negative split & 35 mins CX works plyo/core

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