Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2 weeks post mommy makeover

It's been 2 weeks now since going under the knife and it's amazing what a little time can do.  I went for my 2 week visit with the plastic surgeon yesterday and it looks like the scars are all healing very well and that the surgeries were a wild success...he actually told me he was "excited" to see my results.
That is the encouraging news.  Conversely, I was reminded that I still have a long way to go to be completely healed.  We ultimately compromised in the end that I would have 3 more weeks of wearing an abdominal binder and refraining from strenuous exercise.  I can start wearing normal bras in 2 weeks (as it is now I'm wearing a sports bra 24/7 which honestly isn't too bad) and if I must, I can start using a recumbent bicycle next week.  When the Dr. told me that the swelling in my abdomen would continue longer if I was overexerted too early I finally stopped and listened.  I hate having a swollen belly!  Every day it gets much better but I still have a minor pouch that is abnormal for me and has me very self aware.  So with that thought, I'm reserved to holding back on any serious exercising for a few more weeks.  Thankfully, next week we will have a mini vacation in San Antonio so I'll be occupied in other ways. Part of me is very irritated that I didn't plan better and do this surgery over the blazing hot summer when I wouldn't have minded having an excuse to not be running but honestly, wearing an abdominal binder in July would be awful.  So there is no easy answer to recovery.  I am very fortunate with my results, I really have very little pain any longer and am functioning well at this point.  I'm just damned impatient!

On another note, I owe my family a giant THANK YOU.  I've looked back on my posts the past two weeks and realize how selfish I've been.  My family has sacrificed a good deal for me; my husband took a week off work to care for the girls after my surgery. My daughters have put up with me being a little less than fun since I am unable to pick them up and hold them or doing anything physical with them. They've ignored my wardrobe of sweatpants (except my oldest daughter who has asked several times why I'm still wearing pajamas!) And they've even shown some morbid interest in the healing of the scar of my tummy.  I appreciate all that they've done for me and allowed of me especially during this time of something that is truly so unnecessary and self satisfying.  I love you guys!

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