Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Birthday & The Mommy Makeover


Yesterday I celebrated my 32nd birthday .  Generally the age doesn't bother me, but I am certainly realizing I'm not in my 20's anymore.

I'm not much for big birthday parties or gifts but this year my husband gave me a non-forgetting day and a gift to last a lifetime......a mini tummy tuck & new boobs!

Yes that's right, I spent my birthday in the operating room getting a mommy makeover.
Why you may ask?  Well it all started with my 2nd c-section.  Sadly, the scar did not heal well at all and the scar tissue adhered to the underneath skin causing a "flap".  Super ugly.
Since I workout a lot and am in otherwise great condition I just couldn't get past the flappy skin on my gut.  So last spring I started meeting with surgeons and deciding what would be best for me.  While doing so I began to notice how deflated my breasts were and decided that if I was at all inclined it would make the most sense to do both surgery's together.
That brings us to the here and now; feeling very achy and sore and a little loopy from the meds.  But soon enough I hope to look even better than I did before the first pregnancy 4 years ago.

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