Tuesday, February 19, 2013

On Week Post Mommy Makeover

It's now been 7 days since going under the knife and it seems like it's been an eternity.
I am still very sore and tender and sadly, my stomach is so swollen I look about 5 months pregnant!

Surgery went really well and was even a little shorter than anticipated.   What wasn't anticipated though was the extra stitching my ab muscles would need during surgery.  During all of my consultations my Dr told me that he thought my muscles were strong and all he'd need to clear away was the extra skin.  Well just before surgery when he was "marking me up" he told me that he was not 100% sure of my muscle tone and asked me if he should stitch them up when he got in there if they looked loose.  Well I of course said yes, because I want to look my best when this is all over but wow I was not expecting this amount of pain during my recovery.

Every day has gotten better and I knew that I would need 4 weeks of recovery time, but I never dreamed I would feel like I had just given birth.  Seriously my tummy is swollen and my breast are large, I keep expecting to hear an infant cry....oh wait, that's just me I hear crying.

In all honesty, I'm happy that I had the surgeries and I know in a couple more weeks I'll be excited.  My breasts turned out really well and they've been a breeze to recover from.  Every day my tummy gets a little smaller and I get a better view of what my profile will finally look like and it's exciting.  I'm off all the pain narcotics now and am emerging from my zombie-hood which feels nice.  I just need a little more patience.

I'm very worried about how weak my abs are going to be when I finally get to return to exercising but this will give me a new challenge, something I've been asking for!

Congrats to everyone who did the Austin Marathon last weekend, in my narcotic haze I was thinking of you and wishing I could've been there.  Next year.

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