Thursday, February 7, 2013

What next? Need your help.

I've finished my biggest challenge to date, the 30k, and now I'm feeling lost.  I need a new challenge, a new race too look forward to.  I'm in a predicament because I will have to take 4 weeks off from any type of training between Feb 12th and March 12th due to an elective surgery(more to come).  I don't know how far back this break will take me in my fitness level so I'm not too sure what or when to race next.  I'd like to shoot for a half marathon before the summer hits here in central Texas and my long term sights are on a full marathon in the fall.  I think I'd  also like to sprinkle in some shorter races along the way because I like to cross the finish line first (yep, there's that competitive spirit).

What are you training for next?

Anyone know of any great races in Texas?

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