Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Favorites : 2Toms Product Review

I have feverishly been searching for something to take the stick out of my favorite work out gear.  I don't know about you, but if I leave my running clothes in the hamper for longer than a day my entire closet smells like a high school gym locker room (ok that may be a slight exaggeration!).  So I was super psyched when Kate (who is an awesome mom in her own right) with 2Toms sent me some of their "Stink Free" spray.  I couldn't wait to start spritzing.  I fell in love with first spritz because this stuff is odorless.  I guess I'm in the minority here, but I can't stand heavily perfumed smells, which so many so called odor eaters seem to be made of.  The "Stink Free" spray really does what it claims; it takes the stink out at the source and doesn't just mask it.  My closet is oh so happy these days, as are the rest of the clothes in said closet!

Ok it's not entirely susrprising that I would be happy with an odorless, oder eater but I was totally surprised by some of the other goodies that Kate sent my way to try.  2Toms has a number of products geared towards athletes and their, um, delicate regions!  You know the ones that seem to blossom into rouge patches where too much sweat has met too much skin!  Ok to be blunt, chafing. And for runners chafing is know to finds its way into some very inconspicuous and uncomfortable areas.  2Toms has come up with an antidote to this uncomfortable and embarrassing issue.  They have a whole line of anti chafing products for different parts of t
he body.  One is very aptly named "ButtShield."  I think we all get the idea here.  There is also some designed for blisters and my personal favorite "SportsShield."  I  used the "SportShield" wipes on my inner thighs just before running the Firecracker 5k on the 4th of July and was so darn impressed.  I seem to have an issue with inner thigh chafing due to my, uhm, sturdy foundation (ok over sized quads) and I knew the sweaty, hilly route of this race would leave me red.  But nope, not with the "SportsShield."  I was a little worried when I rubbed on the gel because I really couldn't even feel it. But following the race, when I wiped down a bit I could feel the silky patch where I had wiped the gel earlier. I may even consider replacing my lotion with this stuff because it made my skin velvety to the touch!

I'll leave it up to you to review your own  "ButtShield," but let me just say that I would recommend all of the 2Toms products!

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