Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My Life in Bags

As I loaded up my front seat with bags this morning I realized that I have compartmentalized my life into bags.  Yes that's right, I am a bag lady!
This is how my front hallway looks, a row of bags on either side:

In the top picture we have backpacks for each of the bugaboos, a swim bag for when the whole family goes swimming(towels, sunscreen, hair detangler, undies), a bag for swimming lessons(dry clothes, towel, hairbrush, detangler, snacks), a bag for swimming toys for the neighborhood pool (towels and toys).

The bottom picture shoes my purse (not sure why I have this it only holds my keys, phone & wallet), my gym bag (more on this to come), my "running" sack (hydration belts, gels, nuun, sunscreen, hat) and the bugaboos gym bag (extra clothes and snacks).

Phew!  I don't know if this is the ideal organizational system but it seems to work for us.  Since each day is a little different and each excursion needs different paraphernalia I can't find a quicker way to get out the door (something that is never quick at our house!)

How do you organize the stuff in your life?

I'll be expanding this post soon with an article about my gym back and what every fitness maven should carry in their bag.  Do you have any items that you keep in your gym bag and can't live without?

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