Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Running with crappy lungs

No, I haven't started smoking!

Somehow I have contracted a respiratory issue (it's the summer & totally not cold season so this is UNFAIR).  My lungs ache and are full of all kinds of gunk.  Generally, I feel like an old lady, all achey with post nasal drip, but when I exercise I really notice the respiratory sludge.  I am 16 weeks out from my 1st full marathon and my official "marathon training program" began this week.  So far I'm on pace (ok it's only been 1 run) but if I continue to feel this lousy I'm not too sure how the rest of the week will go.

Any advice for exercising while sick?  And no, chicken noodle soup is not an answer....its 100 degrees here and way TOO hot for soup!

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