Friday, December 28, 2012

A LULU Christmas

Ok, I have had a lust for Lululemon clothing this past year.  I mean pretty, flattering athletic clothing for runners and yogi's all from a company with a heart, is there anything better?  Well, maybe the price.  It has seemed beyond selfish to me to spend twice as much on a running outfit just because it looks nice  (ok there are loads of technical reasons too, but it really boils down to appearance).
Well, my loving husband has noted my panting and drooling and gave me a very generous Christmas gift this year, a Lululemon jacket in white and a pair of running capri's.
Sadly, my well intended husband bought the clothes just a little too small for me (which is unbelievable since I've been known to shop in the children's department).  So I go to have a second Christmas when I went to return the items and pick out some new ones.  I purposely went the day after Christmas knowing there would be a few bargains to be had.  And I was right! I was able to exchange my lovely Christmas gift for both as winter and a summer running outfit.  I couldn't be more excited with my new capris, shorts, tank, long-sleeved mock and ear warmer.  Now I can hardly wait to see my next set of race photos!
Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

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