Friday, December 7, 2012


Today is officially the last day of my half-marathon training.  I'm anxious to see if it was enough.  I have lost a little of the excitement and courage that I had last week since this week I've been battling a cold and feeling generally weak.  I was planning on "tapering" this week but the cold has forced me into an even easier week than I was expecting.  But I won't let this bug get the best of me.  I am still preparing for tomorrow's race with gusto and am determined to run it with some grace. I won't let the last 7 weeks of preparation go unused.
Today I plan to have some holiday fun with the girls(some ornament painting and cookie baking). Maybe the jolly spirit of the season will kick the last of this cold out of me.
I won't make my way to the gym or the trail today but I do plan on doing a yoga set before bed to be sure I'm loose(I'll also spend a good deal of time in fish pose to help my chest congestion). I've put a good deal of thought into my meals this week.  Eating high protein, high carb easy to digest meals and hydrating like crazy.  I'm also in search of foods rich in iron that aren't beans(to avoid intestinal discomfort) since Aunt Flo came to join me yesterday and I feel weak from the blood loss....great condition, I know!
I've packed my race bag; directions to the course, GU blocks, extra socks and hat, IPod,  nathan hand-held waterbottle and some grapefruit juice.

Safe to say I'm as ready as I'll ever be!  Lets just hope Pheidippides a his band of running gods are on my side tomorrow!

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