Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Run Happy!

So on Thanksgiving in the spirit of the holiday I submitted my fondest running memory to the Brooks Running website to be added to their Facebook Timeline of Running History(check it out here).  Well news arrived on Monday that I was one of the 3 chosen from hundreds of submissions for the contest!  How awesome is that!  What's even more special about this contest was the memory that I submitted for the contest; crossing the finish line with my eldest daughter in her first race!  Truly an amazing memory and one that keeps me running forward.
As a prize for winning this contest Brooks has sent me a brand new pair of Pure2Connect shoes that I am in love with(another gift from Brooks as a part of their wear test program).  Ironically, I have been wearing these exact same shoes for the past 3 months and am on the verge of wearing them out so it's so lovely to know that I have a fresh pair waiting for me in the closet when it's time to retire this pair after the upcoming Half Marathon.  And since it was my daughter who helped me wins these new shoes I promptly went out and bought her some new running shorts and flashy hair bows!  It's great to be a runner and a mother.  Run Happy!

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