Monday, December 24, 2012

Training during the holidays, is it even possible?

I find myself with a few extra moments right now and sadly can't get out the door to run so I guess I'll type!
Currently, my father in law is visiting us from out of town and my husband is off work so there are plenty or adult supervisors around but yet, I can't seem to get out the door to run!
I had the best intentions today or finally logging my long run for the week today but now it's mid afternoon and my husband had to run some last minute errands.  Meanwhile my father in law is doing some work in the yard for us so I feel like an absolute scum asking him to come play dress up for the nine-hundredth time this week just so I can go run.
You see to me, my running is as much a chore as it is my respite.  I feel like my daily workout is a requirement; my family however does not!  My husband is half supportive of my efforts and knows better than to voice his less supportive half.  But I just can't shake the feeling of selfishness when I scamper off down the road especially during this holiday, family season.
I know it's fine to take a light week, enjoy Christmas  but I also know I have a 30k race just 4 weeks away and that I haven't logged a run longer than 10 miles in the past 2 weeks.  My training plan has scratches and marks all through it and I'm feeling very anxious.  Will I be ready for an 18.6 mile run? I just don't know and I'm feeling deflated at this moment.
Not to mention, I've been having some uncomfortable twinges coming from the arch of my right foot making me fear that I've inflamed my plantar fascia!  When I do get out for my runs this week (even if they are shorter than I'd like) I will be taping the area and wearing my compression sleeves and crossing my fingers, all in hopes of passing through this time of inflammation (both physical and emotional!) quickly and with a little stability.

Merry Christmas.

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