Friday, December 14, 2012

Yurbuds---I Love You!

Okay, I have fought with my iPod earbuds for years.  They never fit well and part of my work out just naturally contained perpetual movements to my ears to reposition these slippery, sloppy earbuds.
I have become fed up with them more than once and sought replacements but nothing seemed any better.  This year, I tried two different brands that had pieces that wrapped around my ears with hopes they would stick in place such luck.  They actually sucked worse than the iPod buds.  Since I never actually cared about the sound quality, just their "stickiness" I've never wanted to buy an expensive technical pair. I figured the only difference between cheap and expensive pairs were the way they sounded (okay I know nothing about how how these things actually work) and so I continued buying cheap hoping to find something that just fit my small ears correctly!
Well last week I gave up!  My iPod buds were splitting and I was so irritated by them during my long runs I threw my hands up and knew that if I was going to have some music to carry me through my half marathon I'd need something new.
After a lot of research I decided that Yurbuds were strongly recommended and worth a try.  So in a last minute fit before my half marathon I ran to Best Buy and bought a pair of Yurbuds Inspire.  I tried them for the first time during the race and I absolutely fell in love!  These things rock.  They don't slip they don't slide and they are great!  I can't tell you how excited I am to use these little guys!  While I realize that a lot of true runners would say that running without anything in their ears and just the sounds of your surroundings is the way to go, I have to disagree.  I find music or an audiobook to be a great way to move me forward during my workouts and with these new earbuds I think I'll easily find myself even more motivates!
AWESOME, go get a pair today!

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