Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday slump.....

This has been a dull day.  A little yard work, some grocery shopping and ALOT of swimming time at the pool. I guess it makes for a pretty perfect Sunday when I put it down like that, but honestly I was no fun today. The Hubs has been working crazy hours lately so we've hardly seen him the past few weeks and today all I wanted to do was be alone as he watched the girls!  I intended to run this morning but a crazy thunderstorm kept me in bed.  Maybe it was the fact that I only logged 4 miles and 3 cardio workouts this week, or maybe it's the hot, humid weather, or maybe it's just being burnt out of moomyhood 24/7 but I have no motivation.  With that, I apologize for the whining and the quiet week here on the blog but I am committing to some more involvement next week.
I have a review on a really great hydration belt from RUNonFAITHandFASHION that I can't wait to share.  So stay tuned!

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