Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Humidity training

The weather today is just like almost every summer day here in Central Texas.  Low 74, Hi 92 with loads of sweaty humidity.  When we first moved here and I saw numbers like this I thought it was no big deal.  I had dealt with plenty of 90+ degree days growing up in Northern Colorado but what I didn't  know was that the heat of the day arrives about mid morning and does not let off until after midnight.  Since is so darn hot for such a long period of time there are only a couple hours of realistic time to get any sort of a run outdoors right now, between midnight and 11am.  This morning I made my attempt at about 9:30, after I dropped the girls off at school.  The run started well and I was ready for the humidity with my fancy new hydration belt from RunOnFaithAndFashion.  By 20 mins in I slick with sweat from head to toe but hanging in there.  At 30 mins I gave it up!  I knew this wouldn't be the day for a long run, but I was hoping to get more than 3.5 miles on my legs, but that's ok!  I made a realization today.  I need to train for humidity just as I train for distance or speed.  My body needs to learn how to adapt to the extreme weather and its going to take a little time.  I will do my best to pound the hot pavement and push through the doldrums of the treadmill during these hot months and count down the days to a cooler September and some new strength.   Taking it 1 mile at a time.

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