Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer Reading Lists

Summer doesn't make a big difference around our house since our girls are not school aged yet, but the change in the weather is still glaringly apparent.  Since it's so darn hot we spend more time indoors and that means finding more activities to keep the bugaboo's entertained.  Reading gets an extra large spotlight this time of year.  Since our local libraries are all doing summer reading programs and since we own a small children's bookstore at our house (or at least it looks that way) it just makes sense to read, read, read.  The bugaboo's aren't the only ones reading either.  Thanks to audio-books (mostly the freebies from the library but also from  I've read over 35 books this past year.    I've tried really hard to listen to books while I run,  but I find that I need the beat of music to keep my feet moving forward not the glossy story lines of a romance story!  I also like to flip through the pages of a good ol' traditional book and slip into a story for a few minutes before nodding off to sleep at night....makes for nice dreams.
On our last visit to the library the girls picked up some favorites; Fancy Nancy, Ladybug Girl, Olivia and a few random others.  We just finished listening to all of the Pearcy Jackson and Lost Hero's of Olympus series by Rick Riordan as books on CD in the car. It's not easy to find audio books that both the girls and I can listen to but we try hard.  I feel like we spend so much time in the car we should get something good out of it other than ruts in our mind from the radio.
I personally just finished the 3rd book in the Sylvia Day Crossfire series; Entwined with You and would totally recommend it (it's of the 50 Shades of Grey genre).  I've also read my way through the 13 Sookie Stackhouse novels recently (and have sense gotten hooked on True Blood).
So that brings me to the book list.  I've just spent way too much time on and my local libraries websites trying to find a good book or new series to start and I'm overwhelmed.

What books do you recommend?

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