Thursday, June 6, 2013

RUNonFAITHandFASHION : Hydration Belt Review & PROMO

I have had the luxury of using RUNonFAITHandFASHION's hydration belt for about a month now.  This snazzy little number is really cool.   Let me first introduce you to RUNonFAITHandFASHION.  This great shop is owned by one rockin' lady and mother of 4!  Like me, she loves to be creative and to use her hands to design and create beautiful/functional pieces.  I am naturally attracted to her hydration belts for running but she also makes and an adorable line house shoes (in fact I'm thinking about picking up a pair for my mom since her birthday is next month).

More about the hydration belt:
fitness/running water bottle belt
Faith sent me this bold and colorful belt that I just love.  The belt is made of 3" wide black elastic that is comfortable and adjustable.  There is a perfect pouch to fit a Nathan handheld hydration bottle and a nice sized pocket. The pocket is big enough to hold a car key, a couple hair bands and a gel pack(everything you need on a long run) and it doesn't add too much bulk.  I love that everything on the belt is Velcro so it's easy to use when your trotting along (there are some button embellishments that are just for looking pretty.)
fitness/running water bottle belt

The fabric is sturdy and reinforced really well so I know this belt will last.  I have put about 30 miles on the belt already and suspect it will last the long haul.
Like all hydration belts, it rides up!  It didn't take long before the belt was climbing up my middle, but I think this has to do with my female form and not the belt.  It's easy enough to scooch the belt back down or do as I do and just let it ride high.
The only thing I would change about my particular belt would be the addition of an extra water bottle pouch.  In these hot, humid months extra water is a necessity. A double bottle holder is an option in the shop, by the way.

So here is the best news!  Head on over to the RUNonFAITHandFASHION shop and use the code RUN4FUN at checkout to get an extra 10% off your order! You have no excuse now but to go get yourself a really cute, and totally functional hydration belt.

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