Sunday, January 20, 2013

1 week to 30k!

Ready or not 18.6 miles here I come.  Next Sunday I will be racing in the Rogue 30k. With any luck I'll cross the  finish line in one piece. I'm not feeling entirely confident in my abilities at this point and I really hope that the past 3 months of training will be enough.  The patella on my left leg has been screaming at me lately and my legs this week have felt crunchy(ok, not a technical term I know.)  The best I think I can do now is let my knee rest a little bit, pay close attention to my diet this week and cross my fingers for favorable weather conditions.  I'm anxious yet excited for the race.  This will be my longest distance ever.
I wanted to try this race because the distance is a little unusual.  It's longer than the half-marathon but still not a full on commitment as a marathon.  I really enjoy the half-marathon length and I think it's a good distance for me, but it's also a distance that so many people have conquered.  I mean no discredit to anyone in their running accomplishments.  But for me, I feel like everyone has or knows someone who has finished a half-marathon.  The slightly pudgy chick at the gym who gripes her way through a core workout, the 50 year old lady whose pace would actually increase if she'd walk, the young man who thought a half-marathon was 12 miles long until he was on the race course and realized he wasn't done yet!  Kuddos to all these well intended people but I want to accomplish something that gives me a little more credit for my efforts.  It's snobbish I know, but I work really hard at my fitness and I want to stand out a little!  Ok, off the soap box.

Here is what my race week program will look like:

Sunday : 6-7miles (slow/med pace)
Monday : Cardio/Core training (90mins)
Tuesday: Core/Pilates + 3-4 miles of running
Wednesday: Yoga
Thursday:  REST
Friday: 3-4 miles easy
Saturday : REST, maybe some yoga

Nutrition Schedule:
I will be amping up my fluid intake and nixing alcohol this week.  Starting Thurs or Fri I'll be sure to keep gassy foods out of my diet.  I find that beans and broccoli can make for some uncomfortable GI issues around mile 10!  My morning breakfasts this week of plain yogurt and homemade granola (recipe here) with chia seeds won't change any but I will pay close attention to my sugar and protein intakes throughout the week.   My night before meal will be chicken and rice casserole with peas(bland but nutritious).  The day of the race I will eat a little yogurt with chia and a banana and have a cup of coffee.  I'll drink 8oz of grapefruit juice just before race time and a few glasses of water.  During the race I'll fuel up on water, and GU chomps.
My race "fueling" schedule looks like this: Water and GU Chomp at 40 mins and again every other mile (I find this gives me something to look forward to and keeps my energy level pretty steady).  I'll take on some Gatorade 2-3 times during the race.

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