Monday, January 14, 2013

Resolution 5k

On Saturday I kicked off my 2013 racing schedule with a bang!  I'm delighted to say that I defended my 1st place finish for my age group from last years race and I was 3rd overall for the women (I was beat by a 12 year old and a 60 year old, come on!). The race went well and I felt fast but there was an issue with the course so my overall time of 18:59 (6:07mm) sounds great but isn't accurate! Oh well, a win is a win and it was for charity's sake anyway.
 But the coolest news of the event was my eldest daughter's completion of her first 5k! She's only 4 you know and  I am so darn proud of her.  I goofed when I entered her in this race.  I assumed there would be a kids 1k like all the other races I've been to so when I realized that she actually had to complete the entire course I was concerned.  My husband stepped up though and said he'd go along with her while pushing the twins in their stroller so I could still have a competitive race. I figured they'd make it part of the way and turn around, but no way the went from start to finish.  Now to be fair, my daughter walked the 2nd half of the race after running the first half, but I couldn't be more proud.  She is AWESOME and I think we're just seeing the start of a great career!!! 
ps...she claims that her wicked cool tattoo is what made her so fast! (I totally forgot I had grabbed this rub on tattoo for her a couple weeks ago when I was at the Lululemon store and she secretly stashed the little gem away in her dresser just for this race. Cute!)

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