Wednesday, January 30, 2013

30k Recap

Now that I've had 3 days to recoup and reflect on Sunday's 30k I have to say that I would happily do it all over again!  I don't know what it is about running, but it is truly an addiction.

Generally as races go this was not one of my strongest but it was my longest and therefore my most proud.  I started out the race at a snail slow pace of 10mm with the thought that I would gradually increase my speed and be able to make up time at the end.  After mile 2 I just couldn't stand this pace so I ramped it up.  I ran the next few miles at a pretty good, comfortable pace making the first 12 miles actually really fun.
I'm the short one in the middle
My family met me at mile 12 and then again at 14(and later at the  finish line) and seeing them cheer me on really gave me a boost.  But after I saw them at mile 14 the only thing I kept hoping to see were water stations.  The race was supposed to have stations every other mile but something happened around mile 12 and I had to hold out for an extra mile to refuel.  Not really a problem at that exact moment but it came to really haunt me in the last couple miles.  Negative, self-defeating thoughts starting creeping into my head around this time  and I spent a good deal of time fighting my inner doubt.   Finally a water station came along sometime around mile 15 and the hydration felt great, the next 3/4 of a mile were nice and fun again. But then it things got worse, my fingers swelled and tingled and my legs felt like cement and I was not in a healthy way.  I fought this battle through one last water stop with another gust of power after taking on some gatorade and then tumbling down again a short time later.  There is a picture of me at mile 18 looking as pale as a ghost and just plain awful (I just couldn't post it here because it's hideous). But with the determination to just keep running and by placing one foot in front of the other I finished the race with a smile.
I crossed the line 3 minutes slower overall than I was hoping and at a 9:45mm but I didn't stop(except to take in fluids) and I finished in the top 3rd of the female participants.  I'll take it.
Once I stopped running and rehydrated I found that I really wasn't feeling too bad.  I had 2 swollen feet with several blisters and some crunchy, angry hips but generally I felt like a normal human.  My gut talked to me several times during the hours that followed but I've honestly had much worse GI discomfort.....hooray for healthy food planning. I was fairly tired too, but that could've also had something to do with entertaining 13 small children the day before at the girls' birthday party!  My family gave me a little least enough time to have a  long warm shower and some coffee and the day ended with some fond memories and a quiet date night with my husband.

Monday I woke up stiff and achy and I actually had to help lift my right leg up with my arms because my hip was so sore! But by late afternoon all stiffness had left me and I was really feeling well.  Bodies are amazing!  I could actually feel myself loosening up as the day grew on.

This morning I woke up without any remnants of the long run and with the gusto to do it all over again.( I've also noticed that my knee, which has been hurting for 3 weeks, doesn't even have a twinge of pain....maybe I just needing a good long run to realign everything?)
I took a long yoga class morning and a tough core conditioning class and felt strong during both of them.  Tomorrow I'll be lacing up the running shoes and looking for a nice, calm hour or two on my feet.

Looks like the 30k is not the end to my limit....I wonder what is?  Guess this means I'm looking for my next challenge (full marathon? perhaps).

What's your next challenge?

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