Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday!!

At the hospital & ready to pop 
Avery 6lbs13oz, Quinn 6lbs10ozs
Today our twins are celebrating their 2nd birthday's and I cannot believe it.  It seems like just last week I was a super-oversized and over-pregnant woman wishing fervently that these girls would just "get out already."  Fortunately for us, they were(and are) stubborn and waited to be delivered until they had a very long and healthy 39 weeks of incubation (equal to 41 weeks for singleton pregnancies for those who care). The girls were HUGE (exact words of my O/B) for being twins carried by a 5'0 tall petite woman and so very, very healthy which I honestly blame running for this fortune.
Over the past 2 years the girls have thrived and developed their own individual personalities and have been so fun to watch. From the countless nap times spent in their jogging strollers while I huffed & puffed, to the double hug sandwiches and the endless amount of tiny, sticky finger prints the memories have been precious and priceless.  I've certainly tired hearing people tell my that I "..must have my hands full" and "double trouble" but the truth is, I feel like we are apart of a pretty special group and I'm hopeful that this gene will be passed along to my girls just as it was passed to me. So with a deep breath and a smile we've made some great memories and I can't wait for the lifetime ahead of us.
 I Love You &  Happy Birthday Girls!
Sisterly love
PS for anyone following, the potty training has been a 50/50 success.  One of the girls has really picked it up while the other is less than interested.  Along the way I learned that it was much easier to focus on one rather than both during this messy time and decided that I wouldn't force the training on the one who wasn't as interested.  She'll catch on I'm sure, and if she doesn't that will make it much easier to keep the boys away when she's a teenager!

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