Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Follow Me in 2013.....A New Year's Resolution

It's resolution time. Like most people,  I have been thinking about my goals for 2013 over the past few weeks and think I have a legitimate resolution this year.  I'm choosing only one resolution this year and it's a "fitness" resolution although I think it will impact all facets of my life throughout the year.  So here it is:
My 2013 New Year's Resolution Is To Race 100 Miles (or more).
I realize that for some people this is nothing more than a single race and for others this might amount to a race nearly every weekend.  For me I think it will be somewhere in between.  I will compete in races ranging from 5k up to full-marathon(ok, this is actually another resolution since it will be my first marathon).   I don't have the entire year or mileage mapped out just yet since I only know what our schedule will look like through February but I know there will be plenty of races to choose from as the year un-folds.  I will keep track of my races and training on this blog; a little accountability!

I anticipate that the year will be full of sweat, smiles, aches, remorse, satisfaction, deprivation, stress, joy and most of all running happiness.  But I am confident in my challenge.  If I can stave of any serious injuries and wrangle up a few extra dollars (mainly to cover the cost of the entry fees and the new running shoes that need replacing every 3 months) I think this will be a fun experience. 

 My first race will be a 5k (3.2miles) on Jan 12th (I'll be joining my daughter in her 1k but I won't count that towards my actual race mileage). My biggest challenge to date will be on Jan 27th, a 30k(18.6 miles).  Following this race and assuming I'm still standing, I will do a 13 mile road race on Feb 2nd.  These first three races will get me to  31.8miles before valentines day.  I don't imagine I'll keep this pace up (especially in the blazing summer heat) but it will be a good start.

Follow me through my gritty journey and help cheer me on.    
Cheers and Happy New Year.  Bring on 2013!!!!

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