Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lance C'mon!

I don't know that anyone is honestly surprised about Lance Armstrong's admission of doping (check out the Oprah interview here) but it's still very discouraging.  Years ago Lance was on top of the world and seemed to be the hero of health and philanthropy.  In fact, when I arrived in Austin 6 years ago I couldn't go anywhere without mention of the hero.  I admit, I even found myself fond of him for a period.  I mean, he was the spokesman for cancer and health how could you not want to support him.    But then the icon started to wear.  Remember the Lance Armstrong/Ashley Olsen relationship....ewww.  And then all the nasty stories from his ex-wife and former teammates.  I mean it was obvious he had some skeletons in his closet.  But why?  Honestly why didn't he come clean earlier?  Would it have helped his image or his foundation if he would've confessed years ago?  Or were all the years of lies actually more beneficial to the Livestrong campaign and efforts?  But like Tiger Woods, I just want to hate this guy for being such a fraud.
I wonder if there is anyone out there still sporting an obnoxious yellow bracelet?

What are your thoughts about Lance Armstrong?

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