Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Friday Favorites(on Wednesday): Reebok Throwbacks

Ok, it's no secret that I LOVE BROOKS RUNNING and for my running needs I choose them over anybody BUT just recently I learned that Reebok has added some pretty cool items to their product line.
My favorite (which I'm currently saving my extra pennies for) are the Design Your Own series.  You can pretty much customize your shoe however you want.....really cool!  You can even choose those crazy 1980's high top aerobics shoes(you know you had a pair and wore them with leg warmers and crimped hair!)

They are also reintroducing the Shaq Attaq and it is supposed to be HUGE.  I must admit that I don't know much about this shoe but I can remember dating and avid basketball lover in my high school days and that he drooled over these shoes when they were first introduced.

Here's what Reebok has to say about the new Shaq's:

You remember Shaq, right? One of the NBA's biggest (literally) living legends! He paired back up with Reebok to release his 1992 Shaq Attaq Shoes on Friday, April 19th at 8:00AM! These shoes are expected to sell out within 2 hours, so head over to Reebok and get a pair of the great Shaq Attaq Shoes! 

Other Details:
--The legendary Shaq Attaq features Pump technology on the tongue. 
--A first of its kind lightweight technology, Graphlite is a plastic, incredibly strong fiber which allowed Reebok to strip away heavy rubber to create a sleeker, lighter silhouette. 
--Graphlite technology keeps the shoe light, while still providing incredible stability. 
--From a design perspective, the Shaq Attaq reflects the brightness of Orlando blue, the silhouette takes color phenomenally and was the perfect bold look for a player like Shaq.

If you want a pair of these new kicks(and who doesn't?) you'd better head over here quick.


  1. I definitely remember these from my basketball days...not a chance I'd wear them now though!