Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Favorites: Pro Compression

Last fall when I really began running extended distances and experiencing fatigue I started to pay attention to compression socks and sleeves.  I did tons of research and learned that theoritacally the compression on the shins and calves would help to encourage blood flow and hopefully speed recovery.  Since I was dealing with some shin splints at the time I decided that maybe compression was the way to go.  The downside was that the cost for compression socks and sleeves was a little too steep ($20-$60) for my budget and since I wasn't sure if they would even help I really had a hard time making the purchase. I finally stumbled upon some no name compression sleeves at that cost me about $10 (after sales and coupons) and I gave them a try (you can see me wearing them in the picture to the right at the Jingle Bell half marathon).  To my surprise the compression really seemed to help.
This spring I decided I really needed some compression socks, not just sleeves.  For 2 reasons really.  First of all, the sleeves I had were super thick and I knew they would be no good in the summer here in Texas.  Secondly, I was finding that my ankles were swelling a bit after long runs and I thought having compression all the way to my toes might help.  So along came my shopping spree (you'll remember from this post about my shopping for withdrawal therapy).  Where I purchased a new pair of Pro Compression socks.  I have been wearing them on my longish runs lately and LOVE them.  They are thin and cool and provide a good amount of squeeze from below my knee to the toes.  I haven't been running enough here lately to really tell you if they are preventing injury or not, but my previous experience with compression tells me they will.  If you run regularly I would totally suggest you get your self a pair.  Pro Compression is reasonably prices (compared to the competition) and they often times have sales.  Plus they have some way awesome colors.

Please note that this review is entirely of my own opinion and that I did NOT receive compensation for this post.

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