Thursday, March 7, 2013

Finding some motivation

I've put together an idea of some races I'd like to hit in the next few months.  I've decided not to actually  sign up for any just yet since I don't technically have medical clearance and I need to see how my body is performing.  None the less, putting a schedule together of races to train for has gotten my focus out of the dumps and to the future.  I plan to start slow and with a race that should be easy and encouraging with the Thin Mint Spring 5k on March 23rd.  I then hope to revisit a race that tore me up last year, the Austin 10/20, 10 miles on April 14th.  This race may be a stretch but I'm putting it out there because I feel like I have something to prove this race. Our life then takes a twist as we are scheduled to spend an extended period of time in Dallas.  This change in scenery is exciting and I'm hoping to take in a race or two while we are there inculding the Disco Run 10k on May 19th and then the Wounded Warrior Half-Marathon on June 9th.  That brings us back to Austin and into the blazing heat so I'll break from racing for then.  But I'm still shooting for a fall marathon if I can find one in the area.  I feel spirited just thinking about these races, wish me luck.

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