Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Favorites

If you've taken a moment to follow me on Pinterest (you can do so here) you know that I have a board dedicated to my Fitness Gear Wishlist (check it out here).  These are products that I am lusting after and hoping someday to add to my possession.  Since I don't actually own these items I can't speak to their value in my life but for one reason or another I've deemed them drool-worthy.  To fill the pang of want I've decided to add a series here highlighting one of my tried and true favorites each week.  I figure this will serve as a reminder to me of all that I have and perhaps give someone else a true account of a product that they may be wishing for.

This weeks Friday Favorite are YOGA TOES!

Years and years ago my mom gave me a pair of these to help with some ugly bunions that I had started to earn from my hours of daily high heel wearing.  I was very skeptical at first but figured they wouln't really hurt.  I felt some relief at the time and was grateful.  As time went on however, I stopped using them with any regularity and forgot I even owned them.  Then about a year ago, when my running really picked up I ran across my floppy pink Yoga Toes in my closet and thought I'd give them a shot.  My feet were aching pretty bad from the miles I was putting on them and I was losing toenails and adding callusus' and blisters.  The Yoga Toes honestly helped to relieve some tension and pain in my feet.  Just before bed each night I wear these goofy little guys for 10-20 minutes and am thrilled with the affect.  They are worth a try for sure!

*This review is entirely of my own opinion.  I received no compensation (monetary or product) for my thoughts or views.

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