Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Favorites : EpiCor Immune Support Review

A little while back Jessica at My Time as Mom set me up with a challenge to improve my immune system by taking 1 tiny pill a day.  As someone who likes a challenge and likes to be healthy this was a "win-win" for me.  What intrigued me most about EpiCor was its ingredients.  This product is made of natural nutrients that help your immune defenses and the environment of your gut.  This is an area that is extremely important to me.  I honestly believe that since our gut is essentially the center of our being, when it's happy our whole body is happy.  Also, the really cool thing about this product is that it starts with yeast.  I love that something so simple can be so powerful.

So how did it work for me?
I have been taking 1 EpiCor tab daily for 3 weeks now and I feel good.  To be honest though, I can't say I notice anything extreme one way or the other.  This doesn't mean that the EpiCor is not working, just means that I've been healthy.  Here's what I do know.  My husband had a nasty stomach virus and some type of indigestion/GI discomfort about a week ago and I never felt a thing.  My neighbors have been fighting off various virus' this month and again, nothing here.  While I can't say for sure that the EpiCor is what's keeping me healthy I do know it's not hurting.  Overall I have felt a little extra peppy and strong lately and my GI health has been very "regular"...ahem!

I will continue taking EpiCor for the next few months at least because I know that the change in season's and the travel that I have coming up usually yield some sluggish and unhealthy time for me.  Hopefully the EpiCor will be the little extra bump I need to feel great.  I think I'm going to try some of the supplements for children too with my girls.

If you'd like to give EpiCor Immune a try you can order it here.

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