Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer harvest from our garden.

I just had to share this awesome load of green beans that the girls and I just picked.  This is the 2nd harvest we've had this season for beans and I think we've brought in about 3lbs over all. We have also had 1 red tomato which went nicely with all the chard that is lingering from the fall planing.
Right now my garden looks fantastic, ok it actually looks wild and overgrown (a little scary for this early in the season).  I have dozens of green tomatoes, peppers, baby eggplants and squash that are coming a long  very nicely.  With any luck we'll have a few more rainy days around here and I'll some how figure out how to scare the bugs and mold long enough to let the crops ripen.  I have tended a garden in Central Texas for 7 years now and every year I am shocked when my tomatoes crack and my squash whiter on the vine.  You'd think by now I'd give up and realize that the summers are too blazing hot and humid to grow anything but no, every March I'm at the garden center loading up on new vegi's with hopes of a fruitful season.  This year is off to a good start and with the little but slower of a warm up that we've been having this season maybe we'll stand a chance.  I'll let you know.

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