Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Favorites : GoBites **25% off promo included**

Last week I received my first order from GoBites.  Let me just tell you it was FABuLOUS!
I picked out several of my favorite nut and dried fruit combos from their menu and they shipped me a box full of single serve snacks that I can toss in my car, gym bag, lunch box ect.  I was so excited when I ran across this company because I kept finding myself after a long run, too far from home and too short on time to whip up a fulfilling recovery snack.  Now I just keep several of these bad boys in my car so when the mood strikes me to hit the trail, I know I'll have something to help fuel me.  Beyond that, these make great snacks for my kiddos lunch boxes.
Menu Item 1
Silk Road
Also, how cool is it to get to choose your own flavor combos.  With options like:
Menu Item 1
Das Gutt
Das Gutt (pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate chips, mango, raisins, sunflower seeds, cashews, almonds) 
Chocolate Monkey(raw cashews, cavendish bananas a& rich dark chocolate chips) 
The Silk Road(goji berries, mulberries, golden raisins, cacao nibs, cashews & pistachios)
how could you not love what you order?
But surprisingly, I went crazy for a last minute selection called Celyon Spice Mix.  After a 10 mile run, this mix hit the spot.  It's salty and high in protein plus it's really yummy!
Menu Item 1
Ceylon Spice Mix
So now that your mouth is watering here's the best news.  Sign up for your first order using the promo code RUNBUG and you'll get 25% your first shipment!  Do it today you'll love it, I promise!

PS - Don't forget about the NUUN Giveaway here

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