Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Favorites : Glass Dharma

Last week I was fortunate enough to win an awesome gift from the food blog Katies' Cucina (a seriously awesome blog you should check out), a $25 gift certificate to Glass Dharma.
Let me tell you, Glass Dharma creates the most beautiful glass straws I've ever seen.  They are crystal clear, sturdy and just plain fun!  You might be wondering why you need glass straws and I have 2 answers.  Number 1, plastic straws are wasteful.  They are clogging up out trash cans and use a lot of energy and resources to produce.  Number 2, they make any drink special!   Okay, that may not be a legitimate reason for everyone but for me I love to find little ways to make my ordinary day seem special.  Since I really only drink water and coffee (ok, wine too) making a visually appealing drink sure adds some punch to an otherwise bland glass of water or joe!  I also have to admit that I have been known to drink my iced coffee in an oversized fluted glass, my water with basil in a martini glass and my morning coffee in a frilly Royal Albert fine china tea set!  Yes, it's a little over the top I know, but you get the idea.
Glass Dharma's straws, especially the ones with the decorative dots, can quickly and easily turn any drink into an occasion and they are environmentally conscience.  Go check them out today and grab a set.
My recent glass of iced coffee with a decorative Dharma Straw.  Yummy!

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