Saturday, May 25, 2013

PSA : Go for a bra!

This seems so silly but for decades I have been wearing bras that I thought fit.  Recently, since getting implants, I decided that my boobs were not happy in any bra that I bought.  So I decided to head over to Victoria's Secret and have someone actually fit me for a bra.  We do it with swim suits, jeans, dresses, shoes, ect but it seems like bras are a little too intimate to try on (or so I thought).  Well it didn't take too long for the bra fitting lady to whip out a bra that made my ladies look great and comfortable.  And I learned a thing or two.  I learned that the reason  my bras were gaping at the arm pit was because the cup was too small and I learned that I needed to stick with a smaller band size.  I've always assumed that I needed to wear a 32 since I wear an XS in most things, but the problem is that a 32 is not easy to find (especially on the clearance rack at Target!) so I'd compromise with a 34 in a smaller cup size.  Bad idea!  Turns out my actual measurements are for a 30dd.  As you can imagine, this size is not easy to find but a 32d is acceptable (a 34c however is not, as I had previously thought).  I've also found that there are several European retailers that sell the smaller band sizes like ( which has a great outlet section) and I'm giving them a try.
Point of the story: if you haven't had a bra fit recently GO & DO IT.  It may just change your profile and definately your comfort factor.  I know Vicotri'as Secret  & Soma Intimates  have trained staff that do fittings and propbably several other places too.

Have a fun weekend.

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