Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lions, tigers and SNAKES...oh my!

This morning I ran a quick 4 miles on my normal trail and on my way back there was a traffic jam of runners/walkers stopped dead in their tracks.  I initally was worried until I noticed that they were all staring at a slithering snake making its way across the trail.  I saw the 5 ft long demon and decided that he was headed on his way out so I just kept moving right on past him.  Let me just tell you, I felt the daggers on my back as I zoomed by......geez people, it was just a snake.
Don't get me wrong, I don't really like snakes.  I'm not to keen on running into them ever but I didn't see a reason to jam up the whole trail especially when it was obvious that the python wanna-be was headed into the grass, not up someones leg!  Shoot he was probably just out for his morning workout too.

This is now the 2nd time this month that I've run across a scaly buggers and it's a reminder that summer has arrived in Texas!  {I also had a tarantula in my garage a week ago that was another unpleasant reminder.  Have I mentioned that I HATE summer in Central Texas!}

Has anyone else run across some unusual animal while running? I've galloped right along with deers and had a squirrel tag along with me today but I think snakes may be my most unusual running companions.

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