Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tornadoes and winners

I hope you all are safe and sound today after the tornadoes in Oklahoma.  Sounds like my neck of the woods might be getting some stormy-ness this evening but nothing like what has been happening in the Oklahoma City area.  Tornadoes absolutely scare me.  I grew up in Northern Colorado where there are tornadoes from time to time.  I can remember having tornado drills under the desks at school when I was young.  I even remember seeing a funnel cloud near my home one summer afternoon as my mom and I fled for a safer area (thankfully, that funnel cloud never materialized or caused any damage).  So if you are in Oklahoma today I hope you are well and I hope the weather shapes up for everyone.

On a happier note.  We have a winner for the NUUN hydration giveaway.

Congratulations to  Ramona who is following @runningshsoes. (I'll be emailing you shortly)

Thanks to all of you who entered and even if you didn't win I highly reccomened you go and pick up a tube or two  of NUUN. I'm seeing it everywhere these days,  even the grocery store is carrying a few flavors.

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