Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sweaty Sunday!

Here in Central Texas it looks like summer has arrived.  It's been in the low 90's the past few days and the humidity has been equally as high.  I have a serious issue with humidity.  Even though we've lived here for 8 years I cannot get used to the constant sweating.  I also have a very difficult time exercising in the humidity and heat without feeling like I'm just going to keel over.  So for me, summer is very bittersweet.  The next couple months for will mean more time indoors and less time running. But before I completely succumb to the ways of the heat let me tell you about this mornings run.
I had intentions this morning of running a nice 7 miles, bright and early to kick off my Sunday. So at 6:15 am I laced up and headed out the  door.  There was a breeze so the headwinds kept the sweat off me for the first half of the run and I enjoyed the scenery and the voyeuristic deers that were watching me.  By the time I turned around for home the humidity hit me like a wall.  The 2nd half of the run has a lot of up hill climbs so I always expect it to be tough, but this morning I thought I was going to puke by the time I got to the crest of the last hill.  In an effort to leave the house quietly this morning I elected not to grab my water bottle/belt and figured it would be OK since the run was relatively short.  As usual, I was stupid for thinking this.  Around mile 5 I started swelling up and all I could think about was salt and a cold shower!  I just wanted a pretzel or even a pickle & some really cold water....yep sounds like the start of dehydration.  I ended up cutting the run a little short and when I got home I ran straight to the shower while hubby cut me up a grapefruit.  A couple minutes later and I was starting to feel reconstituted but it was foolish of me to get to that point.  So remember boys and girls, don't leave home without some water!
On a happier note; as I stepped into my cool shower this morning my husband commented on how "rock hard" my abs were looking.  A very flattering comment especially since he usually focuses on the "T&A" areas of my figure instead of the areas that I spend a lot of time working on.  So with that thought, maybe a lot of sweating on a humid, hot day is worth it!

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  1. Rock hard abs... That would be my ultimate compliment! Good work.